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Performance Intelligence at Work: The 5 Essentials to Achieving the Mind of a Champion

Performance Intelligence at Work

Performance Intelligence works for athletes, and it will work for you, too. Throughout the book, Dr Julie provides specific examples from her vast coaching experiences and relates them to the corporate playing field. You will learn how to recognize your old ways of thinking, refocus your thoughts on a goal, and establish new routines to make it happen. Instead of "what-not-to-do" thinking (I will not procrastinate), you'll be able to retrain your brain using proactive "what-to-do" thinking (I will finish this task today).

RENEWED: Giving God Your Best By Training the Mind of a Champion

RENEWED: Giving God Your Best By Training the Mind of a Champion

In Performance Intelligence at Work, Dr Julie takes the principles of sport psychology that help athletes excel and applies them to business. Renewed takes those same principles and shows the Biblical foundation for them. Thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to results. To give God our best, we must choose thoughts that align with that desired result.

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The Mind of a Champion Online Training

The Mind of a Champion online resource
The Mind of a Champion offers online courses as an effective resource for athletes to train their mental game. We have a series of 4 FundaMENTALS courses online. Each course has a downloadable workbook and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Choosing the Right Course Your first step is to login using your user name* and password. Don't have a user name and password yet? No problem! Click the 'New Account' button and create a login for free. From there you will be able to view the current courses and course descriptions under the catalog tab to find the right course for you.

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Weekly Workout Videos

We know our clients desire more than motivation. They want real change leading to improved results. We accomplish this by utilizing an IMPACT plus SPACED REPETITION model of learning. Our weekly workout video shorts remind keynote participants of the content discussed in the impact session and ends with a light homework assignment to train your mental game.

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